Nutraceutical Ingredients

Syngen has been devoted to functional food-related product development,1995-1998
when it was still a division of Standard Chem. & Pharm. Co., Ltd. Afterwards, Syngen
was spun-off, in early 1999, as an independent company, consolidating functional
food-related product lines and specializing core competency in microbial-fermented
product development, such as Probiotics (Lactobacillus), Medicinal fungi (Monascus,

Gernoderma, and Antrodia), and Entomogenous fungi (Ophiocordyceps sinensis).


Syngen dedicates to continuously improve our quality and performance of each product
 on markets. Syngen expends substantial efforts and resources in R&D each year, and
initiates projects collaborated with academia in order to strengthen up the research
capabilities and achieve our goal of making costumers have best products and good life.